The Battle Royale Genre How Did We Get Here - The Battle Royale Genre - How Did We Get Here?

The Battle Royale Genre – How Did We Get Here?

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The Battle Royale is a new wave of games that have emerged and have grown for a short time, these games are becoming viral and more and more people are playing them, every day.

These games are based on 100 people who throw themselves into an arena to fight, in which the last one wins, if it is individual, and if it is in groups, the last group remains standing.

How It Works

During the game, you will find weapons, ammunition, armor, among other resources that you can find. All of this without counting that in the arena there is an area that is closing, this to ensure that the players or teams in play face each other.

Among the most popular Battle, Royale games are Fortnite, which is the main one and is available for all gaming platforms and in all mobile application stores. We can also find Free Fire, PUBG, etc.

Where It Goes

But the question arises of how this type of games got to where it is now, the answer is that the open maps and the freedom that the game provides to the players, attracts more people and makes the game more fun and with more action.

These games were born from open-world survival games created for PC such as H1Z1, a game that was very successful at the time and then gave way to ideas like Fortnite and other similar games.

Attracting People Everywhere

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In this type of game what also draws attention to many of the players are the bonds of friendship that can be formed, when someone meets another player in an arena, or can kill you or can be a great friend with whom you can form a team, this is one of the characteristics that make this type of games very requested by people.

Young people are the ones who most often play this type of games, but they have passed several lines and have even been played by adults, this has become the era of battle royale.

These games are gradually taking more space in the great world of video games and shooters especially, they are a new way to entertain us, so we must be open to certain changes offered by these very funny games.

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