2 Third Person Shooters You Should Already Know - 2 Third-Person Shooters You Should Already Know

2 Third-Person Shooters You Should Already Know

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Third-person shooter games have been evolving over the years due to the fact that different consoles have requested it. From consoles such as the PS1 to the XBOX, there are some third-person shooter games, which then evolved with the PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, among other good consoles.

The games of this genre have been slowly gaining the hearts of gamers, who have tried the same, and say that with the passage of time, these have improved their gameplay, their graphics, and the overall game engine.

So here is a list of third-person shooter games that you should familiarize yourself with:

Grand Theft Auto V

It is a great video game that belongs to the saga of GTA, which has many successful titles and was created by the American game company Rockstar Games.

As it is known, is the fifth installment of this saga and it has 3 characters (Franklin, Trevor, and Michael). This game requires to pass several missions to complete it, also has secondary missions that will make you complete 100% of the game.

Here, you have different weapons with which you can shoot and which you can customize, you can also handle hundreds of customizable vehicles and in which other people can access to all of this in third-person.

GTA V takes certain things from the well-known game Max Payne 3, also updated certain things of the GTA IV game. The game came out in 2013 and from time to time there are updates that you can download from it. It is available for PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE and PC.

The Last Of Us

An incredible game of mystery and zombies, from the company Naughty Dog, which achieved success with this great title, in which Joel, a man who meets a little girl called Ellie, at a time when the world is destroyed, tries to protect her from all the dangers that are in the city at that moment.

During the game, you have to go through the map in search of resources such as ammunition, tools, weapons, medicines, among other things.

It is a game that mixes the stealth with the action, in most of the game you will be accompanied by Ellie but she will not compromise you when it comes to stealth. The game is available on several gaming platforms.

These two games caused a sensation during these last years, they were one of the best games in the third-person category and they managed to make many people spend more than enough hours of fun. There are a few more that you can search for on the web.

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