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With today standards in the videogame community, is known that first action shooter games (or FPS) have the spotlight being one of the genres of game most likable by gamers, and is easy to see the affection with these types of games, since they rely on a quick sense of action and a competitive play style that makes most gamers interested.

But what we truly love about the FPS genre is that, with the help of online connectivity we can now battle each other in a variety of games and game modes that make our experience by far more enjoyable and challenging, since now we are battling to see who’s the best player, as well, to see who the better team is.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Harley Boyer and I’m a gamer. But not only am a gamer, but I’m also the founder of Vihtavuori Lapua. Vihtavuori Lapua has the finality of being an informative website that holds the most fundamental information about modern FPS, as well many other elements that can interest the newer players in this type of games.

We started out by seeing the potential of the FPS genre since it stands as a great way to connect with people in a quick match and possess the intensity and action that we all search when we are looking for a hobby or a videogame to play. That’s why we decided that there must be a website that truly knows how to develop these ideals and expand the news and information about these titles.

With that, Vihtavuori Lapua started on the internet, and while this was many years ago and we are now more advanced and new that we used to be back then. Our ideals keep being the same. As well we keep being interested in modern gaming and the latest entries of the FPS genre since they can become quite popular among gamers from all parts of the world.

That’s why in Vihtavuori Lapua we keep our task of being the fundamental website in FPS gaming, as well we are known among the FPS community thanks to our articles and information in the most interesting events that are currently developing across the world, and how to organize and start your own tournament as well, since here in Vihtavuori Lapua we have a place for everything in FPS.